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The Annual Budget Consultation is over. Now what?

As you may know, the Annual Budget Consultation period ended in late March, and the Budget has recently been finalised. Local board-funded activities were amongst the many items the council has reduced funding for, which may directly impact the funding of your local Youth Voice Group.

Even though the consultation period is over, local boards across Tāmaki Makaurau do not finalise their budget for the upcoming financial year (June 2023 - July 2024) until July or August. Between now and then, what can you do to help your group to keep your funding, so you can continue working on awesome projects for the other rangatahi in your local community?

Show, not tell!

Engage with your local board members by showing how important your Youth Voice Group is to the young people that live within their local board area. This can look like inviting your local board members to your events or meetings. Doing so will allow local board members to understand how important community events tailored to youth are, see how much hard work young people put into planning these projects, and that their support allows all of it to happen.

If there are any opportunities, be sure to attend local board events and meetings. Showing up shows that you and young people care about what happens in the local area and gives a good impression. If possible, do a short deputation at a business meeting to share the projects your group has been up to!

Amplify your voice!

If you weren’t able to submit on the Annual Budget Consultation, don’t fret! There are more opportunities to have a say on what you’d like Auckland’s future to look like. The Future Development Strategy Consultation is open for submissions until Tuesday 4 July 2023. Provide your feedback here.

Your area's Draft Local Board Plan will be published soon for consultation between 13 July and 14 August, and we’ll provide more information about how you can get your community involved then.

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