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We provide bespoke facilitation and fundholding services for Youth Voice Groups that need support in Tāmaki Makaurau. Our experienced facilitators tailor their support to suit each youth voice group, providing leadership mentoring and project delivery training, for members to run events and serve their community. We currently have two facilitators who look after four Youth Voice Groups. 


Youth of Ōrākei

Since AYV began facilitating the Youth of Ōrākei (YOO) in 2020, the youth council has grown immensely from being one of the newest and smallest in the region.


When AYV first came onboard, the youth council was struggling to develop both its community presence and political relationships. There were only a handful of YOO members, and limited support to develop their project delivery skills.


AYV's facilitation model has set YOO on a new trajectory, with a young person with youth voice experience working directly alongside the youth council. The youth council now has 26 members from all five local schools, and an annual work programme of 12 community projects. YOO enjoys support from the Ōrākei Local Board, Auckland Council, their local MP, and other community groups, and an average attendance of 36 people at each of their in-person events.

Howick Youth Council

Going into 2022 from 2021, Howick Youth Council faced a challenge where all 6 leadership team members stepped off the council. With no member with experience in a higher leadership role in the council, all new leadership team members had to quickly learn the ropes of looking after a group of rangatahi and supporting their work in delivering events for the local community.

AYV's facilitation upskilled and provided guidance for the new leadership team members to continue to support the wider council members and their projects while bringing in fresh ideas. Our model prioritises identifying the strategic aims and goals of the council, which flows to meaningful projects for the other rangatahi in the local area.

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