Youth Engagement Adviser

Job Title

Youth Voice Group Facilitator

Reports To

Youth Engagement Adviser

Role Purpose

The contractor will deliver youth engagement projects on behalf of Auckland Youth Voice. This will include both supporting regional projects led by youth voice groups, as well as delivering contracts for organisations seeking to engage youth voice.

Key Responsibilities

The contractor will be expected to:​

  • Deliver youth engagement services in line with Auckland Youth Voice’s consultation approach for organisations including local and central government; and

  • Provide oversight and mentoring to support delivery of regional projects led by youth voice group members; and

  • Maintain and develop relationships with key stakeholders, including Auckland Council and other government sectors; and

  • Prepare funding applications on behalf of Auckland Youth Voice; and

  • Report to the Auckland Youth Voice Board on the organisation’s contractual obligations and financial position, in collaboration with other staff.


The contract rate for this role is $24.00 to $30.00 per hour, which will be set based on the skills and experience of the successful applicant. The contract workload is one day a week (8hrs per week). The contractor will complete a timesheet and provide monthly invoices to Auckland Youth Voice.

Contract Timeframe

1 August 2022 to 31 December 2022.

Please email Ben Fraser, AYV Facilitation Manager, to apply at, including a CV and cover letter. Applications close 20 July 2022.