Youth Voice Group Facillitator

Job Title

Reports To

Role Purpose
The contractor will provide facilitation to the Albert-Eden Youth Board (AEYB) on behalf of Auckland Youth Voice.

Key Responsibilities:
The contractor will be expected to:
Mentor and upskill AEYB and provide overall coordination of AEYB’s activities to build their leadership, civic and youth engagement capabilities.
Support AEYB to engage wider groups of young people across Albert-Eden in activities which support youth voice, participation, leadership and wellbeing.
Provide Auckland Council and Auckland Youth Voice with regular updates in relation to AEYB.
As part of this, the contractor will be responsible for ensuring that:
Regular (at least fortnightly) AEYB meetings are held (except during exams and summer holidays).
AEYB delivers at least five initiatives (including input into local plans etc. and/ or youth-led events engaging with young people and communities across Albert-Eden).
AEYB presents to local board meetings once per Trimester (every four months).
The value of this contract is $1,050.00. The hourly rate determined for this role is $25.00 per hour, with 2 hours of work per week on average although this may vary depending on the needs of the youth voice group. The contractor will complete a timesheet and provide monthly invoices Auckland Youth Voice.

Contract Timeframe
February 1st 2022 to June 30th 2022

Please email Ben Fraser, AYV Facilitation Manager, to apply at, including a CV. Applications close January 26th 2022.